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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Beautiful People: Margaret Lesley

Beautiful People is something I've seen several writing bloggers do with their characters and I've been finding it very helpful too. Basically it's just answering a bunch of questions about your characters to help flush out their personality and story a bit more. These questions are random ones I've seen other bloggers use before.

Another big thing I've done lately is figure out what my characters look like and been able in many cases to put a face to them. Of course it's not exactly how each character looks but it does help to put flesh and bone to my beautiful people!

Today I'm starting with the heroine of The Margaret Story (TMS).

What is her full name? - Margaret Elspeth Lesley

What name does she go by? - She's called "Peggy" by her father and later her cousins call her that too. The rest of her family calls her Margaret and acquaintances call her Miss Lesley.

Does her name have a special meaning? - Her first name means "pearl" which is of interest only to me at the moment. She was named after her mother and Elspeth is after her paternal grandmother.

What hair and texture does she have? - I've always imagined Margaret with tight auburn curls but now her hair seems a sarker auburn and although she has curls they aren't very tight, more like lots of waves.

What eye color does she have? - Brown eyes, rich brown.

Does she have any facial hair? - No! Unless you count her reddish eyebrows.

Does she have any distinguishing features? - Some freckles adorn her noes like gold specks and she gets more when she's outside without a hat - which is frequently!

What height is she? - 5'8 or 5'9, to quote her aunt "She has grown to an inelegant height indeed!"

How does she smile and how often? - Her smile is friendly, wide, toothy, it depends on the group of people she's with but usually when she's not concentrating too hard it doesn't take much to bring a smile to her face.

What age is she at start of story? - Somewhere between ages 8-10 (haven't quite decided) and she reaches age 21 or 22 before the story ends.

What is her family situation? - Her father was a poor Scots clergyman and her mother was from a wealthy old family and didn't approve of the love match. After Margaret's parents die she goes to live with that wealthy old family - her uncle, aunt and two cousins.

Possibly Peggy as a young girl
Who are her friends? - Her cousin Charlotte becomes her best friend growing up. Her governess Miss Burton also becomes a good friend. Frederick Northcliff is a good chum.

Does she have any enemies? - There are a few children growing up that cause her some bother, later in life it's Richard and Diana Hervey.

What is her place of residence? - She was born in a country vicarage in Scotland (probably the county of Perth). Her uncle's estate is Glenford in England (probably the county of Cumberland?).

What is her social standing and occupation? - Orphaned daughter of a poor clergyman, adopted niece of a wealthy and prestigious uncle.

What education did she receive? - She was taught at home by her parents until their death. At her uncle's she and Charlotte have a private governess, Miss Burton, that teaches as much as Margaret can absorb. Margaret has a lot of head knowledge.

What is her favorite activity or pastime? - Primarily reading and writing about her discoveries. She also enjoys riding horses, taking long walks, gardening, cooking and having adventures.

Probably my favorite photo - captures her personality very well
Is she serious or witty? - She is serious mostly but does have a quick dry wit usually laced with irony or sarcasm.

What is her personality type? - Margaret is a thinker and a planner with an inquisitive mind. She is studious, investigative, fairly independent, talented. She is fairly laid back and doesn't have a sharp temper but she is up front, honest and fairly bold - this sometimes gets her into social blunders.

Does she play or sing? - She can play the piano forte some but is mostly interested in Scotch jigs and airs which she sings well but rarely.

What are her goals and dreams? - Margaret is interested in travel and the quest for knowledge. She has an idea that she might like to teach because she admired her governess Miss Burton. She knows that she should one day marry but she's not very concerned with finding love.

Kelly Macdonald suits Margaret fairly well

I have other questions I could answer but I thought this was enough to start with.

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