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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Beautiful People: Captain Edward Northcliff

Well, I typed this up several weeks ago but apparently forgot to post it! :(  So here it is now...

Hoping ya'll aren't getting tired of the same questions over and over but these particular questions are very helpful for me. I might change them up for the next character I do.

What is his full name? - Edward John Northcliff (probably but John Edward Northcliff is also on my list) 

What name does he go by? - Captain Northcliff, Northcliff, Edward, his brother calls him "Ned" or "Neddy"

 Does his name have a special meaning? - not really. His first name has changed many times over the last few years but his surname has always been Northcliff. At one time he was even christened Henleigh!

What hair color and texture does he have? - Slightly wavy dark brown hair.

What eye color does he have? - I think his eyes are brown but I'm not quite sure yet.

Does he have any facial hair? - Not usually but he can grow a full beard.

Does he have any distinguishing features? - Noble straight nose.

What height is he? - 6 foot

How does he smile and how often? - Quiet but charming, he smiles often with friends but hardly ever in business.

What age is he at start of story? - 2-4 years older than Margaret, his brother Frederick is the same age as her.

What is his family situation? - Comes from a wealthy noble family, he will inherit his father's large house and lands. His mother dies when he's a teenager, his father still lives healthy and strong, close relationship with his younger siblings Frederick and Cassandra.

Who are his friends? - His brother Fred is probably his best friends, William Hargrove & family - a fellow officer, other fellow officers, Henry Hervey is a trusted acquaintance, Margaret becomes a good friend. 

Does he have any enemies? - Richard & Diana Hervey, Margaret sometimes, Napoleon - I suppose.

well, without the wig
What is his place of residence? - On board ship, in Bath near the Hargrove family, Northcliff Manor (in Cumberland, England?) is where he grew up and will one day be his.

What is his social standing and occupation? - Oldest son of a wealthy man, he will inherit. As to his occupation I've been debating this one. Almost from the beginning of his forming in my mind he has been a Navy Captain (and his younger brother is a lawyer). Recently I've had some doubts about whether as the eldest son Edward should be the one who goes into the law (and his younger brother go into the navy). Right now he's still a Navy Captain but there's some details I have to work out.

Right now I'm basing my ideas of Edward being an elder son in the Navy on this quote from General Tilney of Northanger Abbey
"...I am sure your father, Miss Morland, would agree with me in thinking it expedient to give every young man some employment. The money is nothing, it is not an object, but employment is the thing. Even Frederick, my eldest son, you see, who will perhaps inherit as considerable a landed property as any private man in the county, has his profession.” (Frederick Tilney's profession was Captain in the Army)

What education did he receive? - I recently discovered that he probably had some early training with the local vicar Dr. Percival. There really wasn't much of a Navy Academy (that I can tell) in Regency England so I have to figure out the details of how Edward rose to the rank of Captain.

What is his favorite activity or pastime? - Fishing, sailing, riding horses, reading, taking long walks, playing cards or something similar to chess, playing pianoforte.

I've always liked Jack Davenport and he suits Edward to a tea!
Is he serious or witty? - Mostly serious but he does indulge in wit with his friends.

What is his personality type? - Kind, gentlemanly, heroic, gallant, a leader of men, fairly quiet with ladies, talkative and joking with friends, not overly fond of society.

Does he play or sing? - Plays pianoforte quite well, can play the fife, does not sing.

What are his goals and dreams? - Reaching the rank of Admiral, inheriting from his father, perhaps marriage and a son later in life, travel to places he hasn't visited yet.

So that's Edward Northcliff so far...