"My ideas flow so rapidly that I have not time to express them -- by which means my letters sometimes convey no ideas at all to my correspondents." - Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice

Sunday, January 30, 2011

"He giveth quietness."

"He giveth quietness." O Elder Brother,
Whose  homeless feet have pressed our path of pain,
Whose hands have borne the burden of our sorrow,
That in our losses we might find our gain.

Of all Your gifts and infinite consolings,
I ask but thise: in every troubled hour
To hear Your voice through all the tumults stealing,
And rest serene beneath its tranquil power.

Cares cannot fret me if my soul be dwelling
In the still air of faith's untroubled day;
Grief cannot shake me if I walk beside you,
My hand in Yours along the darkening way.

Content to know there comes a radiant morning
When from all shadows I will find release;
Serene to wait the rapture of its dawning-
Who can make trouble when You send me peace?

-Devotional for January 31, from L.B. Cowman's 'Streams in the Desert'

I've really been enjoying reading Streams in the Desert each evening before I fall asleep. The devotionals are hitting right where I am in life now and mean so much. I read this poem last night and wanted to share it with you!

God Bless,